HKT PGIMS Quiz Contest-II 2022 – Result


HKT PGIMS Quiz Contest organized by HK Technical PGIMS on 19th March 2022. To know more about contest click on the following button:

Update (20/03/2022)

Important: All shortlisted candidates please complete your participant profile (update name and passport size photograph) same as in valid ID Proof such as Aadhar or Institute ID. Due to some unavoidable circumstances a short test will be conducted for the shortlisted participants to proceed to the next level ranking participant. Prize Money will be distributed to ranking participant in next level. Click here to check check prizing and more.

Download your score chart & marking from participant profile.

Short listed candidates in first round (Score above or equal to 30)

Participants NameInstituteScore
Anju booraGNIS Jind56
Aishwarya SalunkheSPBC COP Thane52
Sagar MahantySj john college of pharmacy palghar42
Harshita RamlaniRUHS Jaipur42
MansiGNIS Jind40
SonuMCN Ambala39
MonikaBDM Jhajjar39
VershaBDM Jhajjar39
Pratham YadavSPBC COP Thane38
Yashika KwatraGNIS Jind37
Tanishka ranaHappy child college of nursing, Sonipat37
DayaGNIS Jind37
Ananya GhalothSDPGIPS Rohtak37
MohitSDPGIPS Rohtak37
Raman SinhaSDPGIPS Rohtak37
Ansari Tahoora Mohd AbidSPBC COP Thane35
SonamGNIS Jind35
Reema SharmaSPBC COP Thane34
Aman JainSDPGIPS Rohtak34
Lavish GandhiSDPGIPS Rohtak34
Annu LatherGNIS Jind33
Abdi Ahmed EbrahimRKU Rajkot33
AshishSDPGIPS Rohtak32
ParveenaGNIS Jind32
Manish SainiSDPGIPS Rohtak32
NakulSDPGIPS Rohtak31
Sahil KumarSDPGIPS Rohtak31
Miss GoswamiGNIS Jind30
Yalemzerf ZumraRKU Rajkot30
Ritik SangwanSDPGIPS Rohtak30

Update (26/03/2022)

Ranking candidates in 2nd or final round of Quiz Contest

Participants NameInstituteScore AScore BRank
MansiGNIS Jind4061
SonuMCN Ambala3962
SonamGNIS Jind3563
Ananya GhalothSDPGIPS Rohtak3754
Raman SinhaSDPGIPS Rohtak3754
Aman JainSDPGIPS Rohtak3455
Annu LatherGNIS Jind3356
Sagar MahantySj john college of pharmacy palghar4247
Yashika KwatraGNIS Jind3748
DayaGNIS Jind3748
Ritik SangwanSDPGIPS Rohtak3049
Anju BooraGNIS Jind56310
MohitSDPGIPS Rohtak37311
Ansari Tahoora Mohd AbidSPBC COP Thane35312
Abdi Ahmed EbrahimRKU Rajkot33313
Sahil KumarSDPGIPS Rohtak31314
Pratham YadavSPBC COP Thane38215
ParveenaGNIS Jind32216
Manish SainiSDPGIPS Rohtak32216
NakulSDPGIPS Rohtak31217
Lavish GandhiSDPGIPS Rohtak34118
Miss goswamiGNIS Jind30119
Aishwarya SalunkheSPBC COP Thane52020
Harshita RamlaniRUHS Jaipur42021
MonikaBDM Jhajjar39022
VershaBDM Jhajjar37023
Tanishka RanaHappy child college of nursing, Sonipat36024
Reema SharmaSPBC COP Thane34025
AshishSDPGIPS Rohtak32026
Yalemzerf ZumraRKU Rajkot30027

Score A: Score for the 1st round of HKT PGIMS Quiz Contest 2022

Score B: Score for the final round of HKT PGIMS Quiz Contest 2022

Prize 🏆

1st positionPrize worth (₹800) + Membership to Team HK Technical
2nd positionPrize worth (₹300) + Membership to Team HK Technical
Qualified ParticipantsCertificate + Name published on HKT PGIMS Web Portal + Membership**
All ParticipantsCertificate of Participation

Important Instructions for getting prize and membership

  • Ranking participants please update your participant profile with correct details as in valid identification document such as Aadhar or Institute ID. Click here to login to participant profile.
  • Update the recent passport size photograph in participant profile if not updated yet.
  • After verification of your identity, there will be initiation for the prize distribution.
  • Membership allotment will be organised shortly.
  • Certificates will be directed to emails of all participants and can be downloaded from participant profile too.
  • For further queries, please feel free to contact us. Email at [email protected]

For more, please refer to contest home page.

**Membership : Membership will be given to each ranking candidates from different institutions. Based on specialised qualification and participant profile management, candidates selected for membership to the Team HK Technical.

Membership allotment list

Candidate NameInstitute
Yashika KwatraGNIS Jind
SonamGNIS Jind
MansiGNIS Jind
Annu LatherGNIS Jind
Tanishka RanaHappy child college of nursing
SonuMCN Ambala
Ahasan AnsariPDM SOP Karshindhu
Yalemzerf ZumraRKU Rajkot
Harshita RamlaniRUHS
Shivani RanaSchool of Pharmacy and Emerging Sciences Baddi University
Manish SainiSDPGIPS Rohtak
Ananya GhalothSDPGIPS Rohtak
Mohit 1525SDPGIPS Rohtak
Sahil KumarSDPGIPS Rohtak
Raman sinhaSDPGIPS Rohtak
Lavish GandhiSDPGIPS Rohtak
Sagar MahantySj john college of pharmacy palghar
Ansari Tahoora Mohd AbidSPBC Cop Thane
Mohit Dinesh PatelSPBC COP Thane
Reema SharmaSPBC COP Thane
Pratham YadavSPBC COP Thane
Aishwarya SalunkheSPBC COP Thane
Candidate desired to be member of Team HK Technical, please follow these steps
  • Complete your participant profile with name and photograph (with visible face).
  • Important: Mail to [email protected] as text in mail “I want to be the member of Team HK Technical.”

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