HKT PGIMS Online Quiz Contest-III

Online Open Quiz Contest

On Sunday, 31th July, 2022


  • Pharmacy, Nursing and other Medical Students are eligible .
  • Plus Any Individual can participate in the test.

Why you should participate:

  • Prize Money for Ranking Participants
  • Premium membership to Team HK Technical for ranking participants
  • Learn to manage online web services as a Member Team HK Technical
  • Occasional & Eventual Bonus Money Distribution for Members Only
  • Learn to Boost your online earning skills with HK Technical.
  • Members can post or promote your desired content such as photo, music, video, article, research work, etc. on HK Technical.
Qualifying participant will be called for online interview.

Mode of competitionOnline Quiz
Date of commencement16th July, 2022
Date of Quiz Contest31th July, 2022 (Ext. dt. 24th Sept. 2022)
ResultCheck Now

Contest Flow:

1.Phase I (7 MCQs based on attitude and ethics)Check Result
2.Phase II (15 MCQs based on core subjects knowledge & computer science)Check Result
3.Screening Interview (Online)Check Result
4.Prizing and membership allotmentCheck Result

Screening Interview:

Important Instructions:

All shortlisted candidates please complete your participant profile (update name and passport size photograph) same as in valid ID Proof such as Aadhar or Institute ID before online Interview. Get ready with your valid ID for Institute and permanent address verification for the interview.


1st positionPrize worth Rs 900 INR** + Membership to Team HK Technical
2nd positionPrize worth Rs 400 INR** + Membership to Team HK Technical
Qualified ParticipantsCertificate + Name published on HKT PGIMS Web Portal + Membership***
All ParticipantsCertificate of Participation

Note: In case ranking participants are not able to contact us in limited period of time. The ranks will be forward to next one. Prizing will be made in order of the ranking. For more info please feel free to contact us.

How to participate?

  • Log on to HK Technical Quiz Contests.
  • Click on Sign in to Participant Profile button.
    • Sign in to HK Technical if not signed in yet.
    • Sign in to HK Technical and Select account to continue.
  • Complete your participant profile.
  • Click on Start Quiz to start the quiz.
  • Read all the instructions given on the test page carefully.
  • Any of the misbehavior may cause disqualification of from quiz.
  • Results will be release after competition of contest. (you will be notified on email).

**Prize worth may vary on number of participants. More number of participants → more prize worth. Minimum participants 200 required to succeed the quiz contest. So, please share to each and every student.

***Membership : Membership will be given to each ranking candidates from different institutions. Based on specialised qualification and participant profile management, candidates selected for membership to the Team HK Technical.

*Results will be announced and prize distribution will be made within one month of the end of the competition.

Note: HK Technical PGIMS reserves the right to change/withdraw the notice and modify the competition criteria at any time without any prior announcement.

HK Technical PGIMS is free service managed by HK Technical & Pharmacists, SDPGIPS Rohtak to help students in Pharmacy Education. Initiated by Mr. Harkesh and the Team HK Technical. Giving their best to help the students in pharmacy education. If you are having any query regarding services provided by HK Technical, please feel free to contact.

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