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Classification of Dosage Form Question Answers, MCQs

Solution installed in body cavity is calleda. nasal solution b. syrup solutionc. ophthalmic solution

2. Elixir are
a. hydrophilic solution b. aromatic solution c. sweetened hydro alcoholic solution

3. Concentration of sugar in syrup
a. 85%w/w b. 85%w/v c. 66.7%w/v

4. Liniment are applied
a. by rubbing to the affected area b. with out rubbing to the affected area rubbing to un affected area

5. Why sugar are not added below their maintained limit ?
a. microbial growth occur b. crystallization occur c. oxidation occur

6. BNF stands for:
Ans: British National Formulary

7. British pharmacopeia is published by which book/
a. Inc b. BPS c. HMSO

8. Gargle are used to treat ?
a. throat infection b. stomach infection c. vaginal infection d. lungs infection

9. Spirits are ?
a. alcoholic solution of volatile substance b. aromatic substance c .aromatic substance with non-volatile substance

10. Collodions liquid preparation contains
a. pyroxylin in a mixture of ethyl ether and ethanol
b. 2 4 dinitrophenyl amine
c. Acetic acid in alcohol
d. Polyol in concentrated solution

11. Aspartame is how many times sweeten than sucrose?
a. 500
b. 300
c. 200 ┬ĘC35C d. 400 ┬ĘC36C┬ĘC37C

12. HLB value of solubilizing agent ? ┬ĘC38Ca. 12 ┬ĘC39Cb. 5 ┬ĘC40Cc. 20 ┬ĘC41Cd. 15 ┬ĘC42C┬ĘC43C

13 Which of the following is hydrotropic agent for the drug caffeine ? ┬ĘC44Ca. procaine HCL ┬ĘC45Cb. nicotinamide ┬ĘC46Cc. sodium benzoate ┬ĘC47C┬ĘC48C

14 Globule size of emulsion ? ┬ĘC49Ca. 0.1-100micro, meter┬ĘC50Cb. 5-200 micro meter ┬ĘC51Cc. 1000 micrometre┬ĘC52Cd. 250 -500 micro meter ┬ĘC53C┬ĘC54C

15. Microemulsion are ? ┬ĘC55Ca. Translucent ┬ĘC56Cb. Milky ┬ĘC57Cc. Transparent┬ĘC58Cd. Opaque

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