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What is Multi-Parameter PMS(Patient Monitoring Systems)?

What is Patient Monitoring System(PMS)?

Patient Monitoring System (PMS) is a very critical monitoring systems, it is used for monitoring physiological signals including Electrocardiograph (ECG), Respiration , Invasive and Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation in Human Blood (SpO2), Body Temperature and other Gases etc….View More.

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What is Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring Systems?

A multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System (PMS) is used for multiple critical physiological signs of the patient to transmit the vital information like Electro cardiograph , Respiration Rate, Blood pressure etc. Therefore, multi parameter PMS has always been occupying a very significant position in the field of medical devices.

Multiple Parameter Monitoring
Multiple Parameter Monitoring
Multiple Parameter Monitoring System
Multiple Parameter Monitoring System

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