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What means PMS in computer applications in pharmacy?

  • What is PMS in Pharmacy? 
  • What is Patient Monitoring System? 
  • What is Full Form of PMS in Pharmacy?
  • What is need for PMS in Pharmacy?
Multiple Parameter Monitoring
Multiple Parameter Monitoring

What is Patient Monitoring System(PMS)?

    Patient Monitoring System (PMS) is a very critical monitoring systems, it is used for monitoring physiological signals including Electrocardiograph (ECG), Respiration , Invasive and Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation in Human Blood (SpO2), Body Temperature and other Gases etc.
    In PMS, the multiple sensor and electrodes is used for receiving physiological signals like as ECG Electrodes, SpO2 Finger Sensor, Blood Pressure Cuff and Temperature Probe to measure the physiological signals.
During treatment, it is highly important to continuously monitor the vital physiological signs of the patient. Therefore , patient monitoring systems has always been occupying a very important position in the field of medical devices.
The continuous improvement of technologies not only helps us transmit the vital physiological signs to the medical personnel but also simplifies the measurement and as a result raises the monitoring efficiency of patients.  



In the past, the dominant products manufactured by medical device manufacturers are mainly those for single parameter measurement. Nowadays however, a multi-parameter patient monitor is commonly used.

  1. Single-Parameters Patient Monitoring Systems
  2. Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring Systems

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