How to construct an angle of 10 degree using compass.

Constructing angle of 10 degree without protector

 Today I will discuss with you about creating an angle of 10 degrees without any protector.
 We will use some trick here that you will come to know soon.
 In middle school you all studied about how to construct the angles of 60 degree, 30 degree, 15 degree and following then with bisecting an angle. So there we learnt about to bisect some angle but it is not quite finite knowledge to construction of different angles. Here we will learn to trisect some angle.
  Trisect of an angle is quite complicated but not difficulty. You can easily learn how to trisect some angle easily using only compass.
   So today with the help of compass only we will draw angle or bisect some angle to make an angle of 10 degrees.
So here is a video tutorial follow this  to learn about the procedure.
 Watch the video to learn how to construct angle of 10 degree without using protector.
  We will post next to divide an angle into equal five parts. Follow our website to know more.
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