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Notes on Micromeritics PPT Download Notes PDF BPharm 4th Sem 2021

Notes Micromeritics SlideShare Download Notes PDF BPharmacy 4th Semester 2021

Download PDF Notes Micromeritics 


  • Micromeritics Definition
  • Release and dissolution
  • Absorption and drug action
  • Physical stability
  • Dose uniformity
  • Methods for determining particle size
    • Optical Microscopy
    • Sieving
    • Sedimentation
    • Particle Volume Measurement
  • Derived Properties of Powders
    • Porosity
    • Densities of particles
    • True Density
    • Bulk Density
    • Bulkiness
    • Flow Properties
  • Tests to evaluate the flowability of powder
    • Carr’s compressibility index
    • Hausner ratio
    • Angle of repose
  • Factor affecting the flow property of powder

Download PDF Notes Micromeritics 

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