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PV Pharmaceutical Biotechnology B Pharmacy 6th Semester Book PDF Free Download

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is one of the subjects in the 6th semester of B Pharmacy. It deals with the application of biological systems, living organisms, or their derivatives in making or modifying products or processes for specific use. PV are one of the best selling books most widely considered in B Pharmacy Education. Below are the links are given to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology PV for B Pharmacy 6th Semester format for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology ebook 6th Semester Free Download

P. Biotechnology PDF 6th Semester

Pharm. Biotechnology PV free pdf download

PV Pharmaceutical Biotechnology free ebook download

Specs of PV Pharmaceutical Biotechnology ebook:

This ebook comprises of following features:

  • UNIT-I 
    • Brief introduction to Biotechnology with reference to Pharmaceutical Sciences. 
    • Enzyme Biotechnology- Methods of enzyme immobilization and applications.
    • Biosensors- Working and applications of biosensors in Pharmaceutical Industries.
    • Brief introduction to Protein Engineering.
    • Use of microbes in industry. Production of Enzymes- General consideration – Amylase, Catalase, Peroxidase, Lipase, Protease, Penicillinase.
    • Basic principles of genetic engineering.
  • UNIT-II 
    • Study of cloning vectors, restriction endonucleases and DNA ligase.
    • Recombinant DNA technology. Application of genetic engineering in medicine.
    • Application of r DNA technology and genetic engineering in the products:
    • Interferon b) Vaccines- hepatitis- B c) Hormones- Insulin.
    • Brief introduction to PCR
    • Types of immunity- humoral immunity, cellular immunity
    • Structure of Immunoglobulins 
    • Structure and Function of MHC
    • Hypersensitivity reactions, Immune stimulation and Immune suppressions.
    • General method of the preparation of bacterial vaccines, toxoids, viral vaccine, antitoxins, serum-immune blood derivatives and other products relative to immunity.
    • Storage conditions and stability of official vaccines
    • Hybridoma technology- Production, Purification and Applications
    • Immuno blotting techniques- ELISA, Western blotting, Southern blotting.
    • Genetic organization of Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
    • Microbial genetics including transformation, transduction, conjugation, plasmids and transposons.
    • Introduction to Microbial biotransformation and applications
    • Mutation.
  • UNIT-V
    • Types of mutation/mutants
    • Fermentation methods and general requirements, study of media, equipments, sterilization methods, aeration process, stirring. 
    • Large scale production fermenter design and its various controls.
    • Study of the production of – penicillins, citric acid, Vitamin B12, Glutamic acid, Griseofulvi


  • With some weird diagrams, PV Book still manages to explain the mechanism of drugs action with flowcharts and images.

PV Pharmaceutical Biotechnology PDF Free Download link is given below you can download the ebook directly by clicking the link given below.

Download PV Pharmaceutical Biotechnology PDF 64MB

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