To perform the identification test of Honey | Pharmacognosy

Aim: To perform the identification test of Honey.

Requirements: Test-tube, Measuring cylinder, stirrer, Honey, Various reagents.



Synonyms: Madhu, Honey Purified, Mel.

Biological Source: It is a sugar secretion deposited in Honeycomb by bees, Apis mellifera, Apis dorsata, and other species of Apis.

Belonging to family Apidae, order Hymenoptera.


Colour: Pale Yellow to Brownish yellow

Odour : Pleasant characteristic

Taste: Sweet & Faintly acid.

Chemical constituents:

Honey is aqueous solution of glucose 35 % (± 3%), fructose 45% (± 5%) and sucrose about 2 %. Other constituent are maltose, gum, traces of succinic acid, acetic acid, dextrin, formic acid, colouring matters, enzymes (invertase, diastase, inulase) and traces of vitamins.


Chemical TestObservationInferences
Honey sample + Fehling’s Solution A & BRed PPT.Honey may be Present
Honey solution + Molisch’s reagent + Conc. H2SO4Purple colour rising formed Honey may be Present


Identification test of Honey was confirmed.


Used as demulcent and sweetening agent. It is antiseptic and applied to burns, wounds. Used in cough mixture, cough drop. Used in preparation of creams, lotions, soft drinks & candies.

Reference: Kokate. C.K., Purohit A.P., Gokhale S.B., ” A Textbook of pharmacognosy”, Nirali Prakashan, 46th edition, Volume I&II, 2010, 7.39,7.40

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