Unit -1 Antibiotics Medicinal Chemistry -III Handwritten Download Notes PDF BPharmacy 6th Semester 2022

Unit -1 Antibiotics Medicinal Chemistry -III Handwritten Download Notes PDF BPharmacy 6th Semester 2022

📑 BP601T Medicinal chemistry III


Unit -1 Antibiotics Medicinal Chemistry -III Handwritten

Semester/Year:6th Semester
Subject:BP601T Medicinal chemistry III
BPharmacy BPharm 6th Semester Important Exam Notes Handwritten Notes Medicinal Chemistry


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BP601T Medicinal chemistry III BPharmacy 6th Semester
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The term antibiotit came from the rooid antibiosis: coined in 1889 by Louis pasteurs pupil paun vulttemin which means a process by life could be used to destroy life. which of

Defined as chemical substances produced by various species microrganisms such an bacteria lungs in low cone costroy or inhibit gitwith

Historical background: of

in intexander flemring discovered pencillin from the fungus Pentelllum notatum

Observed that colonies of S. aureus failed to grow in the areas contaminated by peniciltrum notatum

He isolated the mould, grelu it in a fluid medium and found that

it produced a substance capable of Eilling many of the bacteria that infect humans.

He coined the term PENICILLIN- Il was unstable and he was unable to purify.


* FLOREY & CHAIN Used freeze drying & chromatography to isolate penicillin & shared the Noble prize with fleming. In June 1948 pencillin was available to treat to patients

niter fermentation research 2.3 million doses had been increased in us On medium of corn steep liquor ta by product of starch manufacture),

yeast extract and others substrates added to fermenter. ofter 40 hours penicillin begins to be secreted by the fungus. The mould mycellium (cell mattest is filtered from the harvested product


📝 BP601T Medicinal chemistry III

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