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Biological Oxidation Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Important Notes

Biological oxidation

Electron transport chain (ETC) and its mechanism. Oxidative phosphorylation & its mechanism and substrate level phosphorylation Inhibitors ETC and oxidative phosphorylation/Uncouplers

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Important Questions:
  1. Explain the process of oxidative phosphorylation and its inhibitors.
  2. Outline respiratory chain. Depict the sites of ATP production.
  3. Discuss briefly:
    1. Oxidative Phosphorylation
    2. Mitochondria respiratory chain
    3. Inhibitors of the electron transport chain
    4. Malate aspartate shuttle
    5. Glycerolphosphate shuttle
    6. Inhibitors and uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation
  4. Write notes on:
    1. Respiratory chain
    2. Oxidative phosphorylation
    3. Substrate level phosphorylation
    4. Reducing equivalents
    5. Iron-sulfur centers
    6. Cytochromes
    7. P/O ratio

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Biological oxidation,Pharmaceutical Biochemistry,Electron transport chain (ETC) and its mechanism,Oxidative phosphorylation & its mechanism and substrate level phosphorylation, Inhibitors ETC, and oxidative,phosphorylation,Uncouplers,Explain,the process of oxidative,phosphorylation and its inhibitors,Outline respiratory chain. Depict the sites of ATP production. Discuss briefly,Oxidative,Phosphorylation, Mitochondria,respiratory chain Inhibitors, of the electron transport chain,Malate aspartate shuttle, Glycerolphosphate shuttle, Inhibitors, and ,ncouplers of oxidative,phosphorylation,Respiratory chain,Oxidative,phosphorylation,Substrate,level,phosphorylation,Reducing equivalents,Iron-sulfur centers,Cytochromes,P/O ratio,biological oxidation reduction reactions,biological oxidation demand,biological oxidation reduction,

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