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Determine the Swelling Index of Crude Drug – Practical Pharmacognosy B Pharmacy 4th Semester

Objective: To Determine the Swelling Index of Crude Drug (Psyllium Husk)


The swelling index is used to find the swelling capacity of given crude drug. When a drug is dipped into the water in a measuring cylinder it gets swell up after some time by absorbing it.



Measuring cylinder, stopper, distilled water, spatula, weighing balance, & sample of crude drug (Psyllium husk/Isapgol).


  • Weight about 1gm of given sample of crude drug (isapgol).
  • Transfer the sample to 25ml measuring cylinder and fill up to 20ml mark with distilled water in it.
  • Close the measuring cylinder by stopper and leave it undistributed for at least 24 hours after shaking it well.
  • After 24 hours, observe the measuring cylinder and measure the volume occupied by the swollen.
  • Genuine seed of isapgol occupie volume not less then 10ml.


Swelling index of given sample of crude drugs is _______

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