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Determine Moisture Content of Crude Drug by Loss on Drying Method – Practical Pharmacognosy B Pharmacy 4th Semester

Subjective: To Determine moisture content of crude drug by loss on drying method.


Moisture content is determined via a thermogravimetric method i.e. by loss on drying. In which, the sample is heated & the weight loss due to evaporation of moisture is recorded.


Apparatus: Porcelain dish, spatula, tongs, digital weighing machine, hot air oven, desiccator.

Chemicals: Sample of crude drug (0.5gm)


  1. Weigh the empty porcelain dish and note the reading.
  2. Take the sample of crude drug in porcelain dish.
  3. Weigh the porcelain dish with sample in it and note the reading.
  4. Keep the porcelain dish in pre-heated hot air oven for 15 minutes at 100°C – 105°C.
  5. After heating, keep the porcelain dish in desiccator for 15 minutes.
  6. Take out the dish from desiccator, and weigh the porcelain dish with dried sample.
  7. Repeat the drying in the oven using above steps till a constant weight not obtained.
  8. After determining the constant weight, note the reading and calculate the percent moisture content.


Percent moisture content in the given sample of crude drug is ______ .

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