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ICD-10 Classification, Mimics, Mental health nursing B.Sc. nursing 3rd year and gnm 2nd year

Icd-10 classification

Icd- international classication of diseases

Mimics-don’t say sorry my student behavior personality m sb chnga

The single selected cause for tabulation is called the underlying cause of death, and the other reported causes are the nonunderlying causes of death. The combination of underlying and nonunderlying causes is the multiple causes of death.

The ICD has been revised periodically to incorporate changes in the medical field. The Tenth Revision (ICD-10) differs from the Ninth Revision (ICD-9) in several ways although the overall content is similar: First, ICD-10 is printed in a three-volume set compared with ICD-9’s two-volume set. Second, ICD-10 has alphanumeric categories rather than numeric categories. Third, some chapters have been rearranged, some titles have changed, and conditions have been regrouped. Fourth, ICD-10 has almost twice as many categories as ICD-9. Fifth, some fairly minor changes have been made in the coding rules for mortality.


Icd-10 classification mimics mental health nursing B.Sc. nursing 3rd year and gnm 2nd year

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