To prepare and submit Hexamine from urea – Chemistry Practical

Aim: To prepare and submit Hexamine from urea.

Requirements: Porcelain dish, formaldehyde, ammonium hydroxide solution, ethanol, 

Theory: Hexamethylenetetramine or methanamine or urotropine is a heterocyclic organic compound with the formula (CH₂)6N4. This white crystalline compound is highly soluble in water and polar organic solvents.

Reaction involved:


  • Add 7.0 g of 20% ammonium hydroxide solution to 4.73 g of 38% formaldehyde in a porcelain dish, until the solution is slightly alkaline. If necessary more ammonia being added.
  • Allow the reaction mixture to stand for several hours. 
  • Filter the solution and then evaporate filtrate in vacuum to get a thick paste.
  • Filter the hexamine crystals, wash with ethyl alcohol, and dry.
  • Recrystallize the product from water or alcohol.
  • Melting point of hexamine is 280°C.

Results: The yield of obtained product was found to be _ gm and percentage yield was % and melting point was found to be ℃.

Theoretical yield =

Practical yield =

Percentage of yield = (Practical yield / Theoretical yield) x 100

Uses: It is useful in the synthesis of other chemical compounds like plastics, pharmaceuticals, rubber additives.

Caution: Glass ware should be clean and dry before being used.

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