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PPT on Effective Writing Skills – B.Pharmacy Communication Skills

Effective Writing Skills
Effective Writing Skills

Topic Covered:

  • Introduction to written communication
  • Mode of written communication
  • Factors influencing writing skills
  • Importance of vocabulary
  • Applications of written communication
  • Pros and Cons
  • Ways to enhance writing skills

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“Learning of a language involved the acquiring of ability to compose correct sentences” this means like other Skills in communication written communication provide excellent opportunity to make a good impression on others. Writing is a skill which is important in college And after college in a complex and changing society.

Writing skills is important for personal development because it requires concentration, focus and discipline to represent our in thoughts in a word/ sentence/ graphical form.

The important fact is face to face communication is not possible always so that to spread message to workers of an organization may be spread to over widely spread geographical distances by written communication. So that there is number of reasons that shows where is written communication is effective, and where it is not?

  • Complexity of topic
  • Amount of discussion required
  • Shades of meaning
  • Formal communication

Barriers in learning writing skills

  • Lacking of Vocabulary
  • Learning Grammar
  • Lack material source
  • Lacking of time

Importance of vocabulary

As words are the writers most important tools, vocabulary development must be an part of classroom writing/ learning/teaching. This can be improved by adopting following methods:

  • Teachers should offer direct instructions of techniques or procedures.
  • New vocabulary terms should be connected to students.
  • Students should be able to conceptualize the vocabulary terms they have learned.
  • Practice and repetition are the important methods

Advantages(Pros) of writing skills

  • Written communication is more precise and explicit.
  • Effective written communication develops and enhances an organizations image.
  • It provides ready records and references.
  • It is a permanent means of communication. Thus it is useful where record maintenance is required.

Disadvantages(Cons) of writing skills

  • It is time consuming as the feedback is not immediate.
  • Too much paper work and e-mails burden is involved.
  • Written communication does not save upon the costs.
  • It costs huge in terms of stationary and the manpower employed in writing/typing and delivering letters.

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