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PPT on Listening in Difficult Situations – B.Pharmacy Communication Skills

Listening in Difficult Situations
Listening in Difficult Situations

Topic Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Listening During Lackluster Meetings
    • Staying Alert During Lecture
    • Staying Focused in an Interview
  • Handling Problems Through Effective Communication
  • Tips to Listen difficult situation

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Difficult listening situations don’t mean that you have to hear poorly. During your workday, you are going to encounter lackluster and uninteresting meetings or lectures which require attention that may be hard for you to give.

We’ve all sat through a lengthy presentation in which it was hard to stay alert or a meeting that just seemed to go on and on without accomplishing anything.

Listening During Lackluster Meetings

  • In a lackluster meeting, try taking notes. By incorporating an activity into your listening, you can focus your attention.
  • Mentally list or relate the points being made.
    • How do they affect you?
    • What do you know about them?
  • Ask questions and stay engaged with the speaker.

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