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PPT on Don’ts in Group Discussion – B.Pharmacy Communication Skills

Donts in group discussion
Don’ts in group discussion

Topic Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Don’ts in group discussion
    • shouting and dominating
    • snatching other chance to speak
    • interrupting others
    • alertness and presence of mind
    • low self confidence
    • slang and negative gestures

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  • Group discussion is a modern method of assessing student’s personality.
  • It approaches the exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings take place through oral communication
  • 8- 12 prospectus Participate and discuss.
  • Time limit:- between 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Give case study- solve issue.

Don’ts in group discussion

  • Shouting and dominating: Keep you emotions under control. Don’t try to dominate the the group or let your emotions rule you. Sometimes it might happen that a group member might hurt your emotions, make sure that you don’t get into an argument. Your focus should be to effectively meet the goal of group discussion topic.
  • Snatching other chance to speak: Give other group members a chance to speak. Talking more won’t getyou through the GD. In fact it will give the evaluator a feeling that you are not a team member. Making short and relevant contribution of 20-30 seconds 3-4 times in the discussion is enough.

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