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PPT on Don’ts in Interview – B.Pharmacy Communication Skills

Donts in interview
Don’ts in interview

Topic Covered:

  • Introduction to Interview
  • Don’ts in interview
  • Talking too much
  • Lack of confidence
  • Being dishonest
  • Being Negative
  • Conclusion

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  • Interview is a face to face interaction between interviewee and interviewer.
  • An interview is a powerful exchange of ideas, the answering of questions and communication between two or more persons.
  • Interview can be defined as an attempt to secure maximum amount of information from the candidate concerning his/her suitability for the job under consideration .

Don’ts in Interview

  • Don’t dress too casually or look untidy.
  • Don’t make derogatory remarks about past or present employers.
  • Don’t fidget or twitch, to control other nervous mannerisms.
  • Don’t wear too much perfume or aftershave.
  • Don’t talk about salary, holidays or bonuses unless they bring them up.
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer before they have finished asking you a question.

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